Basic Linux 101

Basic Linux 101

How to use Linux


Step by step How to use Linux the beginning...


   This is the beginning... the step that you need to go before you can use LINUX.... this step by step show where to begin and start to use Linux...


The question? how to use Linux.


   The use Linux you must have Linux.... but what is Linux???? now you must know what is Linux.. Linux is Operating System that use Linux kernel.. so basicly you just want to use Linux Operating system.... so

Linux What is root and What is root user the different


On Linux What is root and What is root user the different.


   They always talk about root... What is root and who is the root user?  This simple short article intend to show the diffrents between both root on Linux system.


Who root user.


   On Linux system or any other system that require login username and password in order to use the system must have sets of default user on the system... this usually come on the installation of the system.  

Understand Linux absolute pathname


Understand Linux absolute pathname.


   What is Linux absolute pathnames all about? The absolute pathname is where you always specify full path name to execute command or program that start from the system root directory ( / ).  To understand Linux absolute pathname, see command example below that use absolute pathname in their example.


Linux pwd command show absolute pathname to user home directory.

show absolute pathname

Linux Shell Commands


Linux Shell Commands.


   Linux Shell commands entered on the Linux shell interface consist of words (command) that exist on the system.  These command usually separated by spaces (whitespace) and may be with or without sequent of command options and command arguments.  The example below show Linux command execution with and without command option and command arguments.


Example 01 - Linux ls command execute without option and arguments to show contents inside Linux directory:

Basic Linux Command 101


Basic Linux Command 101.


   The basic Linux Command 101, contains article that you need to better understand about Linux command and the article about Linux command contains on this site.


Basic Linux 101 -  The basic things about Linux that you need to know before you can fly…


1.  The beginning... the intoduction on using Linux.

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