Basic Linux Command 101

Basic Linux Command Example: 


Basic Linux Command 101.


   The basic Linux Command 101, contains article that you need to better understand about Linux command and the article about Linux command contains on this site.


Basic Linux 101 -  The basic things about Linux that you need to know before you can fly…


1.  The beginning... the intoduction on using Linux.

2.  Linux shell command - The Linux command overview, all about execute Linux command, Linux command options and Linux command arguments.

3.  Absolute Pathname - Simple way to understand Linux absolute pathname.

4.  What is root - Understand root on Linux.







Note:  The command show result, output and the command characteristic from the example that use in/on the step by step basic Linux documentation may vary base on system setting and Linux distro, Linux distro version, hardware platform and Linux command version used.


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