List Linux shell builtin command using enable command

Basic Linux Command Example: 


List Linux shell builtin command using enable command.


   The Linux command example below show how you can show and list all available shell builtin command on your Linux system.  The enable command without any option or enable command with -a option give you the output of all available Linux shell builtin commands on your system base on your shell.  The example below show the enable command execute using bash shell on Linux Fedora system.


Shell builtin command list.


To show list of builtin command that you can use on your Linux system, execute enable command as show on example below.

List Linux shell builtin command

[root@fedora11 ~]# enable

enable .

enable :

enable [

enable alias


2.  or you can use enable with -a to achieve the same output.

[root@fedora11 ~]# enable -a

enable .

enable :

enable [

enable alias

enable bg

enable bind

enable break

enable builtin

enable caller

enable cd

enable command

enable compgen

enable complete

enable compopt

enable continue

enable declare

enable dirs

enable disown

enable echo

enable enable

enable eval

enable exec

enable exit

enable export

enable false

enable fc

enable fg

enable getopts

enable hash

enable help

enable history

enable jobs

enable kill

enable let

enable local

enable logout

enable mapfile

enable popd

enable printf

enable pushd

enable pwd

enable read

enable readarray

enable readonly

enable return

enable set

enable shift

enable shopt

enable source

enable suspend

enable test

enable times

enable trap

enable true

enable type

enable typeset

enable ulimit

enable umask

enable unalias

enable unset

enable wait

[root@fedora11 ~]#


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