Basic Linux Command Example: 


Linux pwd command help.


   Linux pwd command is use to print current working directory.  The Linux pwd command is one of bash built in command.  The command below show how to get Linux pwd command help, this help show information on how to use the Linux pwd command, the command options and the arguments that can be use with Linux pwd command.


Get Linux pwd command help


  Execute help command and the name Linux pwd command as show on example below.


pwd linux command

[linux@fedora11 ~]$ help pwd

pwd: pwd [-LP]

    Print the name of the current working directory.



      -L        print the value of $PWD if it names the current working


      -P        print the physical directory, without any symbolic links


    By default, `pwd' behaves as if `-L' were specified.


    Exit Status:

    Returns 0 unless an invalid option is given or the current directory

    cannot be read.

[linux@fedora11 ~]$


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