Basic Linux Command Example: 


Get help on Linux type command.


   Linux type command is use to display information about command type on Linux system.  The Linux type command is one of bash shell built in command.  The command example below show how to get help on Linux type command using shell command, this help show information on how to use the Linux type command, the type command options and the arguments that can be use with Linux type command.


Get Linux type command help


  Execute help command and the name of Linux command that we want the help file, the example below we execute help command to get help for type command.


type linux command

[linux@fedora11 ~]$ help type

type: type [-afptP] name [name ...]

    Display information about command type.


    For each NAME, indicate how it would be interpreted if used as a

    command name.



      -a        display all locations containing an executable named NAME;

        includes aliases, builtins, and functions, if and only if

        the `-p' option is not also used

      -f        suppress shell function lookup

      -P        force a PATH search for each NAME, even if it is an alias,

        builtin, or function, and returns the name of the disk file

        that would be executed

      -p        returns either the name of the disk file that would be executed,

        or nothing if `type -t NAME' would not return `file'.

      -t        output a single word which is one of `alias', `keyword',

        `function', `builtin', `file' or `', if NAME is an alias, shell

        reserved word, shell function, shell builtin, disk file, or not

        found, respectively



      NAME      Command name to be interpreted.


    Exit Status:

    Returns success if all of the NAMEs are found; fails if any are not found.

typeset: typeset [-aAfFilrtux] [-p] name[=value] ...

    Set variable values and attributes.


    Obsolete.  See `help declare'.

[linux@fedora11 ~]$


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