Linux finger

Linux finger command

Check Linux User Information using Linux finger Command

Basic Linux Command Example: 


Check Linux User Information using Linux finger Command.


   The example below use finger command to check Linux user information.  The finger command can be use to get user information including user login name, user full name, user home directory,  user shell, user terminal name (user tty), user idle time, user came from.., user login time, user office location and user phone number.


Check user information example:


Linux Create User With Full Name


Linux Create User With Full Name.


   If you like to adding user along with his or her full name, execute adduser command with -c option.  The example below show the adduser command example need to execute in order to create user with full name on Linux system.


User with full name


1.  login to the system and execute su command to gain root user privileges.

Linux Create User


Linux Create User Account Step by Step Example.


   The Linux create user account step by step example below use useradd command to demonstrate how to create user account on Linux operating system.  The useradd command only can be execute by root user and user that have sufficient privilege to create user on Linux system.  The step by step below begin with the su command to make sure that we have the privileges to create user on the Linux system.


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