Linux ls

Linux ls command

Linux delete file


Step by step how to delete file on Linux.


   How to delete file on Linux system?  The step by step article on Linux delete file below show an example how to delete Linux file or delete file on Linux system using the rm command..


Linux delete file example:


Rename Linux Files


Rename Linux Files.


   How to rename Linux files? The example below show step by step to rename Linux files using mv command on Linux operating system. 


Rename Linux Files example


1.  Locate and list Linux file to be rename using ls command.

list Linux file to be rename

[linux@fedora11 ~]$ ls

Understand Linux absolute pathname


Understand Linux absolute pathname.


   What is Linux absolute pathnames all about? The absolute pathname is where you always specify full path name to execute command or program that start from the system root directory ( / ).  To understand Linux absolute pathname, see command example below that use absolute pathname in their example.


Linux pwd command show absolute pathname to user home directory.

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