Linux pwd

Linux pwd command

Using Linux pwd command to print current working directory


Using Linux pwd command to print current working directory.




Linux pwd command help.


   Linux pwd command is use to print current working directory.  The Linux pwd command is one of bash built in command.  The command below show how to get Linux pwd command help, this help show information on how to use the Linux pwd command, the command options and the arguments that can be use with Linux pwd command.


Get Linux pwd command help


  Execute help command and the name Linux pwd command as show on example below.

Disable Linux builtin command using enable command


Disable Linux builtin command using enable command.


   The step by step Linux command example below show how to disable Linux builtin command using the enable command.  By disabling the Linux builtin command, it allow you to execute command that using same name as Linux builtin command to be execute without specifying the full pathname to the binary file of that command.  The step by step command example below use pwd command as an example to show the output when we use the pwd command from Linux built command and after that we disable the Linux builtin command in this case pwd command and then execute the pwd command from the disk command (not builtin command).

Umount CDRom Device is Busy


Umount CDRom Device is Busy.


   When you try to un mount using umount command to unmount cdrom device is busy... the device is busy is error message quite confusing... and why device is busy???... the command example below show the example on when try to umount cdrom device is busy message and the simple solution to the problem so you can umount cdrom device on your Linux Fedora system successfully.


Umount CDRom device


Understand Linux absolute pathname


Understand Linux absolute pathname.


   What is Linux absolute pathnames all about? The absolute pathname is where you always specify full path name to execute command or program that start from the system root directory ( / ).  To understand Linux absolute pathname, see command example below that use absolute pathname in their example.


Linux pwd command show absolute pathname to user home directory.

show absolute pathname

Using cd command to change directory to another directory


Using cd command to change directory to another directory.


   On Windows system we use to call folder, but on Linux system the folder is not a folder... they are call directory.  The Linux system is base on directory hierarchy that start from root directory... so if you are from Windows worlds... there are no more folder :-) its only directory.  To browse from one directory to another directory using Linux command line, Linux use cd command.  The example below show how to use cd command to go from one directory to another directory on Linux system.


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