Umount CDRom Device is Busy


Umount CDRom Device is Busy.


   When you try to un mount using umount command to unmount cdrom device is busy... the device is busy is error message quite confusing... and why device is busy???... the command example below show the example on when try to umount cdrom device is busy message and the simple solution to the problem so you can umount cdrom device on your Linux Fedora system successfully.


Umount CDRom device


1.  Umount cdrom and error message appear that say that your cdrom device is busy. 

umount cdrom device is busy

[root@fedora11 Fedora 11 i386 DVD]# umount /dev/cdrom

umount: /media/Fedora 11 i386 DVD: device is busy.

        (In some cases useful info about processes that use

         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))

[root@fedora11 Fedora 11 i386 DVD]#


2.  Check your current path, if you are in currently on the cdrom mounted path as example on /media/cdrom you cannot or not possible to umount the cdrom device, follow pwd command example below to check your current path...

Check current path

[root@fedora11 Fedora 11 i386 DVD]# pwd

/media/Fedora 11 i386 DVD

[root@fedora11 Fedora 11 i386 DVD]#


3.  Just change path from cdrom directory path using cd command to other directory on the system and then use pwd command again to verify your current path as show on example below.

change path from cdrom directory

[root@fedora11 Fedora 11 i386 DVD]# cd

[root@fedora11 ~]# pwd


[root@fedora11 ~]#


3.  Then umount cdrom device again... if no other process or open file that use your cdrom device... you should successfully umount cdrom device... and not more device is busy message again :-)

successfully umount cdrom device

[root@fedora11 ~]# umount /dev/cdrom

[root@fedora11 ~]#


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