System Information

Linux system information command

Linux Check System Type Hardware

Basic Linux Command Example: 


Linux Check System Type Hardware.


   The example below use lshw command on Linux to check system type hardware information.  To execute the lshw command and start check system type you must have root privileges and the most important thing that the Linux lshw command install on your system.


Check system type example 1:


1.  Open the shell terminal and use su - command to gain privileges as root use (super user)

[fedora10@fedora10 ~]$ su -


Check Show Linux Device Information and Linux System Information

Basic Linux Command Example: 


Using Linux Command to Check Show Linux Device Information and Linux System Information.


   Step by step using basic Linux command and basic Linux command to check, list, view, show Linux device information and Linux system information.


    •   Linux lshw command example:

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