View Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Directory Tree using tree command

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View Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Directory Tree using tree command.


   Linux filesystem directory tree start from root directory ( / ).  There is other files and directory under the root (/) directory,  these organization of files and directory usually base on FHS standard, Linux Fedora and many other Linux Distros follow FHS standard or FHS complience.  The FHS make it possible that the Linux filesystem and directory structure on all Linux distros that follow the FHS have same structure.  The example below show how we can use the tree command to have good overview on Linux filesystem hierarchy... just follow example below to view Linux filesystem hierarch or some say view Linux directory tree...


Linux filesystem hierarchy.


The command output below show show Linux filesystem hierarchy directory tree and the command example below show that tree command is execute with -L 1 option to show the directory depth and the / sign tell the tree command to list the system hierarchy start from the root directory. 

View Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Directory Tree

[root@fedora11 ~]# tree -L 1 /


|-- bin

|-- boot

|-- dev

|-- etc

|-- home

|-- lib

|-- lost+found

|-- media

|-- mnt

|-- opt

|-- proc

|-- root

|-- sbin

|-- selinux

|-- srv

|-- sys

|-- tmp

|-- usr

`-- var


19 directories, 0 files

[root@fedora11 ~]#


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