Linux list all user

Basic Linux Command Example: 


Linux list all user.


   The command example below show how to list all user that have been created inside your Linux system.  The example on Linux list all user below show the list all existing user with their user name, user id and user full name.  You can modify or customize the command example below to display all user inside your Linux system and include other information base on the information inside the /etc/passwd configuration file that you think appropriate.  Please note that the example below execute on Linux Fedora system, the system reserve uid up to 499 for software and system use and the new user uid start from 500 and above.


Linux list all user example:


Open the shell terminal, execute su - command to change user to root and enable you execute command below as root user.

[linux@fedora11 ~]$ su -


[root@fedora11 ~]#


Then execute awk -F":" '{ print "UserName: " $1 "\tUserID:" $3 "\tFullName: " $5 }' /etc/passwd command as show on example below to list all user inside your Linux system.

linux list all user

[root@fedora11 ~]# awk -F":" '{ print "UserName: " $1 "\tUserID:" $3 "\tFullName: " $5 }' /etc/passwd

UserName: root  UserID:0        FullName: root

UserName: bin   UserID:1        FullName: bin

UserName: daemon        UserID:2        FullName: daemon

UserName: adm   UserID:3        FullName: adm

UserName: lp    UserID:4        FullName: lp

UserName: sync  UserID:5        FullName: sync

UserName: shutdown      UserID:6        FullName: shutdown

UserName: halt  UserID:7        FullName: halt

UserName: mail  UserID:8        FullName: mail

UserName: uucp  UserID:10       FullName: uucp

UserName: operator      UserID:11       FullName: operator

UserName: games UserID:12       FullName: games

UserName: gopher        UserID:13       FullName: gopher

UserName: ftp   UserID:14       FullName: FTP User

UserName: nobody        UserID:99       FullName: Nobody

UserName: vcsa  UserID:69       FullName: virtual console memory owner

UserName: avahi-autoipd UserID:499      FullName: avahi-autoipd

UserName: ntp   UserID:38       FullName:

UserName: dbus  UserID:81       FullName: System message bus

UserName: polkituser    UserID:87       FullName: PolicyKit

UserName: avahi UserID:498      FullName: avahi-daemon

UserName: mailnull      UserID:47       FullName:

UserName: smmsp UserID:51       FullName:

UserName: rpc   UserID:32       FullName: Rpcbind Daemon

UserName: apache        UserID:48       FullName: Apache

UserName: nscd  UserID:28       FullName: NSCD Daemon

UserName: rpcuser       UserID:29       FullName: RPC Service User

UserName: nfsnobody     UserID:4294967294       FullName: Anonymous NFS User

UserName: sshd  UserID:74       FullName: Privilege-separated SSH

UserName: tcpdump       UserID:72       FullName:

UserName: pulse UserID:497      FullName: PulseAudio System Daemon

UserName: smolt UserID:496      FullName: Smolt

UserName: torrent       UserID:495      FullName: BitTorrent Seed/Tracker

UserName: haldaemon     UserID:68       FullName: HAL daemon

UserName: mysql UserID:27       FullName: MySQL Server

UserName: gdm   UserID:42       FullName:

UserName: fedora11      UserID:500      FullName: Fedora 11

UserName: fedora        UserID:501      FullName:

UserName: linux UserID:502      FullName:

UserName: james UserID:503      FullName:

UserName: jason UserID:504      FullName: Matt Jason

[root@fedora11 ~]#


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