Linux Create User


Linux Create User Account Step by Step Example.


   The Linux create user account step by step example below use useradd command to demonstrate how to create user account on Linux operating system.  The useradd command only can be execute by root user and user that have sufficient privilege to create user on Linux system.  The step by step below begin with the su command to make sure that we have the privileges to create user on the Linux system.


Linux create user example:


1.  In order to execute Linux command... login to Linux shell terminal, or if you log in on graphical desktop, open X terminal (graphical Linux shell terminal).


2.  Type in su - command and key in root user password to gain root privileges.

gain root privileges

[linux@fedora11 ~]$ su -

Password:       <-- Type in root user password and hit 'Enter' key

[root@fedora11 ~]#


3.  Then type in useradd command along with username of the Linux user account that we want to create.

Linux Create User Account

[root@fedora11 ~]# useradd jason

[root@fedora11 ~]#


4.  In order for user to log in on the Linux system using his or her user account, we need to create password for that user account.  To create password for user just execute passwd command along with username as show on example below.

Linux create user password

[root@fedora11 ~]# passwd jason

Changing password for user jason.

New password:       <-- Type password for new created user and hit 'Enter' key

Retype new password:       <-- Retype user password and hit 'Enter' key

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

[root@fedora11 ~]#


5. To verify, execute finger command to display user details.

display user details

[root@fedora11 ~]# finger jason

Login: jason                            Name: (null)

Directory: /home/jason                  Shell: /bin/bash

Never logged in.

No mail.

No Plan.

[root@fedora11 ~]#


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